Colour Pop ! Unboxing !

My colour pop order has finally arrived and I am really excited to see if the brand lives up to the hype!

Initial thought, the packaging is so cute!  I mean even the box that it is delivered in is pretty fantastic. I see what you did there colour pop with the boring white box that has a colorful flip up top. Marketing is pretty spot on, but that doesn’t mean the products will be! I do hope they are. 💋

Inside my cute box 📦 I have some great products! A few lippie stixs , ultra satin lips and some eyeshadows, even a free blending brush.

 I will post a whole trial write up on the products as I try them out. I will also do a swatch post!
Hope they live up to the hype! Have you tried Colour pop? I want to hear from you in the comments!


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