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As you already know, I received my order from Colour Pop cosmetics last week! I was super excited to try this brand, mainly because of all the social media attention that it has received. The website, in my opinion, does not have the best swatch colors, so here are some lip swatches of the colors I picked up.

The colors are very pigmented and pop on the lip. I cannot do a full review yet,  I would like To wear the products more before giving my opinion. However, first impression some of the colors were easier to put on then others. Also, some went on easily like Topanga, Poppin and Lumiere, while others like the color Cookie kept breaking up on my lips. I honestly don’t understand why because some are the same formula.. I will have to give it a true trail, since I was trying on so many colors maybe removing them from my lips caused the next color to have a harder time sticking.  So review will be to be continued….

As for the formulations they come in MATTE, MATTE X, SATIN AND CREME

I purchased MATTE, MATTE X and SATIN. I wore Topanga for a full day and the Satin texture does not feel drying on the lip.  The colors do not come off throughout the day! Seriously, I put on Topanga at 10:30 Am and by 8:00 PM the color was still on my lips, not as much as before but it was still visible.  As a new mom, I find that I can’t wear lipsticks or glosses that come off very easily, mainly because my little one puts her hands all over my face and well, she causes a mess of my lipsticks! These lipsticks were not a problem, since they dry on the lip and do not smear. So good for new moms!!

As for the formulations these are the claims:

SATIN: full coverage long wearing lipstick that glides on smoothly and leaves lip feeling lightly hydrated. 80% matte and 20% creme finish (after wearing this product all day I will say this is all true)

MATTE: Full coverage lipstick that is super long-wearing, ultra comfortable and loaded with pigment (Will let you know)

MATTE X: Full coverage, super matte lipstick with a very unique lightweight and velvety feel. (Will let you know)

I bought the following formulations:




As you can tell I was more drawn to the colors in the Matte formulation. I will be posting a full review of each color as I wear them through out the day! Let me know in the comments if there are any questions you have of these lipsticks? Color Pop Website

FYI: the free blending brush I received with my order was surprisingly good…Thanks for the goodie!

XOXO : Christina

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