To Conceal or Not to Conceal. Which concealer worked better?


I decided to do a comparison of two full coverage concealers to see which worked better.

I had to compare my Tarte Shape Tape (ultra hyped about product) to the Makeup Forever Ultra HD concealer, to see which one worked best.

I have dark circles so I need a good concealer. So here’s a before picture. You can see the darkness around the under eye.

Now let’s try these products.

First to the right I am applying Tarte Shape Tape in a triangular shape. The triangular application helps brighten the under eye, and allows the light to reflect better off your face. The consistency is thick on this product, alittle goes a long way.

The glam ranch tarte shape Tape
On the left I am applying the Makeup Forever HD Concealer. One obvious difference is the makeup Forever concealer is much more watery. You can almost see the wetness in the photo.

Concealer- makeup Forever- the glam ranch
Next with a damp beauty blender I am going to pat lightly the concealer into the skin, to blend evenly. Do not drag the concealer that will only remove the product from your face, and we want coverage.

Concealer- makeup Forever- the glam ranch

By patting lightly you are blending the product but also allowing more product to stay on the face. I recommend for dark circles to buy a shade with more yellow to help cover the dark circles

After the products were completely blended on both sides this is the result:

Concealer- makeup Forever- tarte shape Tape-the glam ranch
The right you can see the coverage is really good and my fine lines are not very visible, also I have not set these concealers with powder. Both products are buildable so you can add even more coverage if wanted.

The left even though it still concealed you can still see darkness and I see more lines too. This still did a pretty good job with the dark circles.

So as a result, for normal skin with dark circles and some fine lines the Tarte Shape Tape is the winner, Remember to set this concealer with powder to prevent creasing like almost every concealer.

I will mention that the Makeup Forever concealer was pretty good as well, I just prefer the final result of the Tarte Shape Tape.

Let me know your thoughts? Have you used these concealers? Don’t forget to follow!


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  • beautyandmomlife
    July 8, 2017

    I love my Shape Tape! ❤ great post

  • KC Berry
    July 29, 2017

    I’ve been eyeing Shape Tape for a while now! I’m glad I found your post. I’ve heard/seen mixed reviews, but, maybe I’ll need to give it a try and just form my own opinion? Great post! 🙂

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