Mommy Moment- have I found the best solution for my active sleeper?


As a new mom, I don’t ever want my little girl to get hurt and so now that she’s 8 months old and super active she is giving me anxiety! She is moving around so much when she is in her crib, trying to stand and crawl.  So what do you do for her not to hit her head? It’s going to happen, because she isn’t sturdy enough to hold herself upright properly… Oh yeah and don’t ask your mom, because she will recommend a bumper. Now-a-days bumpers are a big no no, because they have been associated with infants deaths due to suffocation (they get their heads stuck between them and get tangled and can suffocate). So what do you do, let them hit their heads? I did a lot of research and finally found the perfect solution a vertical liner by Go Mama Go Designs. Pure Safety Vertical Crib Liners


Points on the website to why vertical crib liners are the smart alternative to traditional crib bumpers.:
  • Maintain airflow
  • Reduce risk of suffocation and entanglement
  • Protect against head and bodily injury
  • Cannot be used as leverage to climb out
  • No dangerous ties
  • Keep limbs safely inside
  • Create cozy environment without safety concerns
  • A cinch to put on and take off
  • Hassle-free sheet changes
  • Versatile, reversible design options
  • Fits on almost all cribs
  • Beautiful matching accessories and teething guards also available to create the safest, coziest, cutest sleep environment for your baby!

First you need to pick the style, I went with the Luxurious Collection white liners. Then you count the number of crib rails your crib has, they sell them in packs of 24 or 38 and then you can buy individuals if you need more.  I bought the 38 pack and were around $149.00, they are worth the price tag in my opinion.

When they arrive each piece looks like the below image, with a zipper on one side and the other side a nice cushioned surface.


You then get each liner and wrap them around the rails and zip them on! They have a stretch to them so that they fit all rails.  My mini crib I purchased for my bedroom has four corner rails that are fatter than the rest and the liners fit perfectly around them.  You can also zip two liners together to make them larger.

When they are fully zipped down they look like the below photo:

Finally after sometime, this does take a while to put all the liners on the crib! and I love them!!!


They have the perfect amount of padding to protect my little ones head, but you can tell they do not pose any suffocation hazard.  there is also no way for them to get stuck like the dangers with traditional crib bumpers.  Honestly this is an amazing product and so far my little girl has bumped her head a few times and these have helped so much! I am going to buy more for her bedroom crib too.

So I find this a great alternative, have you ever used these? what is your experience?

They are available here: GoMamaGo

Xo Christina 

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