The battle of the makeup wipes! Which one worked best


So I decided with so many makeup wipes on the market to pick up two of the most raved about wipes, to see which one works better?Neutrogena vs Simple Micellar Water wipes

Neutrogena Makeup Remover cleansing towelettes vs. Simple Micellar water wipes

First thing I noticed off the bat, is the Simple wipes have a softer textured pattern, while  the Neutrogena wipes felt tougher to the touch.


NEUTROGENA WIPE                                                                    SIMPLE WIPE

So after filming my new makeup tutorial which will be up soon, I decided to put these wipes to the test!

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Overall both wipes did a good job removing makeup, however I still needed to go in with a cleanser to remove all the makeup residue.

The most noticeable differences was the Neutrogena wipe was very rough and less wet.  I also didn’t like the sensation against the skin of the Neutrogena wipe.  The Simple wipes on the other hand, were really soft and wet and after I was done using it my skin did not feel as if though I had rubbed sand paper on it.

I would say with out a doubt the Simple Micellar Water wipes won this battle!  Let me know if you have tried these wipes? Have you had the same experience?

Neutrogena vs. Simple Micellar water wipes

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