Couldn’t get the KKW Beauty contour stick, well I have a good dupe!


So this contour stick by NYX came out before the KKW Beauty by Kim kardashian stick came out, but you know how it goes hers is more popular. I can’t compare the two because I haven’t used the KKW Beauty one, I can only speak for the NYX one.

So for a drugstore contour stick this NYX stick is pretty Fantastic.. I’m serious, I’ve used some great contour pallets and I think the stick version is really easy to use and I really like it! (If the KKW Beauty one performs like this one, it’s probably pretty good) 

If you are new to contouring I would totally tell you to buy this stick, instead of a pallet. It just works so well and you don’t have to fuss with brushes!

If you want to see my full thoughts on this stick watch my YOutbe channel below



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