L’Oréal liquid eye liner, Try or Toss?


I went to the drugstore in search of a good liquid eyeliner. The L’Oréal Lineur intense eyeliner was the one I chose.

It had a felt tip applicator, which made me a little nervous 😩 I have never used felt tip! Can you believe it?
But, I decided I’ll give it a try!

It applied nicely, but if you try to correct a existing line it fades the existing line off! So, for messy liner people, it’s not the best bet! After a good shake I was able to over lap the liner and make it work!

If you want to see a whole trail watch my YouTube channel below!

So, my final thoughts 💭 I’m on the fence! Why, you say? Because with some practice and a few shakes of the tube it got the job done. For people with a steady hand and good with felt tips for sure it’s a try! Other then that you may want to try another one.



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