KKW Beauty Entire Collection Review!


Oh yes I am going there, KKW BEAUTY the brand by Kim Kardashian has had positive and negative reviews so I decided to try it out for myself!


I purchased the KKW Beauty creme liquid lips a while back and I honestly really like these lipsticks! The colors are the perfect nudes, they are creamy and non drying.  They do not last very long on the lips but they are not supposed to and they look beautiful.  They do break up little along the inside of your lips, but overall I think they are beautiful.   Watch my Youtube channel at the end of this post to see more about these lipsticks.


For the contour kits, this is where things get tricky…….

IMG_5285 2.JPG

First most noticeable thing is that there is not enough product in these kits! Compared to the NYX contour sticks you receive noticeably less product!  That being said the contour stick is really good! I know!!!  It blends great and has a very natural look on you face.  The stick form is amazing for beginners making it very easy to apply.  I think that the product itself is great, however the quantity of product you get is just way too little.IMG_5281 2.PNG

The concealer, is very creamy and nice, it did not crease under my eyes and sat on my face really well. You don’t get much product in this one either, it is actually less than the contour stick, because the dual end has a shimmer highlight on the other side.


Now for the stuff the was no good, the brush.. oh that brush.. one side, the kaboki brush side is decent…. but its size is small making it a little awakward, but it works well.  Now, that sponge, It really did not work for me and I really didn’t like it.

The shimmer on the other side of the concealer was pretty bad, it didnot shimmer on my face and just left an oily film on my skin..

So overall, I think the kit is okay.  I would prefer if they sold the items individually because I really like the contour a lot. I also, think that people will run out of these products very quickly causing a huge issue, because who wants to pay $48 to buy a second brush??

If you buy this product, just know that you will run out quickly and as of right now there is no way to refill them…

Watch my Youtube channel below to watch me test this product on camera and get more in depth!


christina Brooke

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