Lawless Morning After Concealer


The new Concealer from Lawless beauty, has a formula that may make people very confused. It may be important to point out a few key aspects of this concealer, that may be a deal breaker for the consumer. So lets get into the Morning After Concealer from Lawless beauty


Lawless is a brand committed to creating Clean makeup, free of harmful ingredients, which makes the fact that this concealer didn’t work out for me so sad! But, the worst part is, this concealer is not working for many people. This is proven by Sephora’s low rating and bad reviews.

One of the most confusing parts of this concealer, is the actual formula.  It is described as A mousse whipped concealer however, when consumers are opening their tubes they are finding a dried out looking formula.  As of now we do not know, Whether there is an issue with the packaging or formula.



  • Noncomedogenic
  • Silicone Free
  • Medium coverage (states full, I beg to differ)
  • Finger application, makes for an easy blend

Draw Backs

  • Horrible packaging for the consistency of this formula
  • Too dry (especially for dry under eyes
  • I do not believe this to be buildable without appearing cakey
  • Does not blend well with sponge, needs to be with your fingers
  • Fine lines appear more visible


As you can tell this concealer is just not for me. Watch my full thoughts on my Youtube video down below!


❤︎ LAWLESS Morning After Whipped Mousse Concealer


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